Patented Natural Carotenoid Formulations

Vegetable TrayNutri-Mz™ is a blend of three carotenoids which are extracted from the Mexican marigold flower (Tagetes Erecta) using a patented process. This expert carotenoid blend is supplied in bespoke formulations as nutraceutical ingredients for the production of food supplement capsules to benefit human eye health. These nutritional food supplement capsules with Nutri-Mz™ provide consumers with a far greater concentration of LuteinMezo-Zeaxanthin and Zeaxanthin than is otherwise available from even the healthiest food-based diets.

Extensive Clinical Research Trials

NRCI ResearcherNutri-Mz™ carotenoid formulations are unique in that they have been developed and researched extensively over a longer period of time and more thoroughly than any other carotenoid formulation available. These research studies, conducted by the Nutrition Research Centre of Ireland at the South East Technological University in Ireland (previously the Waterford Institute of Technology), have shown Nutri-Mz™ to be safe and effective in providing the nutrients needed for optimum macular health. Research papers describing these studies are shown on the Publications page of the Howard Foundation website.

Click here to read about the safety and stability studies made on a meso-zeaxanthin concentrate prepared from the marigold flower. The same page provides further background to the importance of carotenoids for the eye and the related research publications.

A Mark of Premium Quality

When you see the Nutri-Mz™ logo on a product you can trust that the product contains superior quality carotenoid ingredients that have been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy for over a decade. In the USA, and in Europe and the UK 

Nutri-Mz™ ingredients are GRAS-registered by the United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) meaning that they have been confirmed as safe for public consumption, as have equivalent regulatory bodies across North America, Europe and beyond. 
Our Nutri-Mz™ trademark is registered in North America and Europe with further applications world wide. We also have patents or patent applications which are based on improved visual and cognitive performance, and protection against cognitive decline.

Expert Supplier

Industrial Organica SA (IOSA) is a Mexican, family-owned company that have researched and produced carotenoids from natural sources for over 50 years. They are long established leaders in their field and have been working with scientific institutions for over two decades to develop and improve their product which is extracted and processed from a natural ingredient, the Aztec Marigold flower originating from and grown extensively in pastoral areas of Mexico.

IOSA have developed a way to enhance the stability and bioavailability of the 3 carotenoids using a micro-micelle formulation. This is described in the COAST trial conducted by the NRCI.

Aztec Marigolds growing in Mexico

The Research Team

In the research and development of Nutri-Mz™, the Howard Foundation, a Cambridge UK-based research organisation, worked initially with scientists at Florida International University and then with a team at Ireland’s Waterford Institute of Technology, now the South East Technological University, where the Nutrition Research Centre of Ireland is based. Professor John NolanThat team, led by Professor John Nolan, are now recognised as leading experts in the field of nutrition for the eye and brain. Professor Nolan and his team led the EU-funded, large scale Central Retinal Enrichment Supplementation Trials (CREST) study published in 2016, which showed a sustained vision improvement among people who used carotenoid supplementation over a 12 month period.

The effectiveness of nutritional supplements containing macular carotenoids, including those containing Nutri-Mz™, are the subject of continued clinical research at the the Nutrition Research Centre of Ireland.

BON Conference

Since 2011, this unique research team have organised specialist international conferences with the objective of encouraging and supporting further research into the important area of nutrition for the eye and brain. There have been three conferences on macular carotenoids and, in 2018, the first BON Conference on Brain and Ocular Nutrition. Research abstracts and papers presented at the BON Conference have all been widely published in scientific journals. The second BON Conference was held 27th to 29th July 2022 at Downing College, Cambridge, UK. The third conference is planned for 2025.


Nutri-Mz™ is your route to safe consumption of macular carotenoids. All products with Nutri-Mz™ contain adequate and effective levels of macular carotenoid nutrition as adjudged by the Research Team. All commercial distributors, whilst directly benefitting from the research, are required to comply with their scientific ethics in addition to local regulatory requirements.